Interviews & Conversations

I have four different segments on the show. If you are interested in either sharing your story or discussing a topic, please reach out on Facebook.

Dr. Comedian’s On The Couch
– Mental Health
– Psychology
– Social work & related issues
– Philosophy
– Medicine, health, and any other topics

Dr. Comedian’s We’ve Got Issues
– Domestic & foreign policy
– Political Barriers to service
– A segment where you can talk about a charity service and discuss its impact on the community it serves
– For-profit services that still ultimately benefit others

Dr. Comedian’s Will to Inspire
General showcase, where you talk about what/who you are, how you got into what you did, and what makes you feel inspired, and any advice you can give to others. It should be positive (but always steer clear of ‘toxic positivity’)!
– Musicians
– Acting talent
– Comedians
– Counselors
– DJ’s
– Teachers
– Other professionals
– Philanthropists
– Political advocates
– Anyone who had, or has a dream and is working to achieve it, or is trying to work through a barrier

1) Obey all FCC obscenity regulations.
2) Dr. Comedian & 91.5 WDBK do not permit stereotyping of political parties. Furthermore, please stick to criticizing issues or concepts.

Application guidelines:
1) Write a paragraph about yourself, your credentials (if any), and what you would like to talk about (psychology, politics) and what you know, what you stand for, and who you are.

Send your application to me on Facebook.

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