Dr. Comedian’s Guest Segment

Do you have an interest in inspiring others? Want to talk about how you overcame a mental health obstacle? Are you funny? Want to talk about a topic that isn’t a hot topic in society but should be? Do you want to inspire others? Write a paragraph about yourself, your credentials (if any), and what you would like to talk about (psychology, politics) and what you know, what you stand for, and who you are. Do you have a special area of knowledge or formal education that you’d like to talk about? If you are a musician, acting talent, comedian, in TV/Radio/Film, philanthropist, teacher, or some other sort of professional with something wholesome to share with the world, we want to hear from you! Tell me about your career, what you’re passionate about, where you were five years ago and where you hope to be in five years. What got you into what you did? What advice would you give to others in your line of work?

1) Obey all FCC obscenity regulations.
2) Dr. Comedian & 91.5 WDBK do not permit stereotyping of political parties. Furthermore, please stick to criticizing issues or concepts.

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