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The Best Medicine is dedicated to lifting others up and exploring and celebrating the totality of human experience. Happiness, sorrow, grief, and even total despair. The most critical thing we must do is learn to cope with these emotions and convert them into power, strength, and love, but also, to take a chance to just visit and feel emotions, but most importantly, take action to work through them all!

Note: I am an autistic MSW and comedian with the initials “DR.” I do not currently have a clinical license, but I previously interned as a counselor in graduate school. I am not a doctor, I just play one on stage as a hobby! (“DR” is my initials.) I do not provide therapy or any direct clinical services. I deliberately chose not to separate my comedy website from my professional page because my work as a woman who remains in humorous spirits, regardless of how I am feeling, is part of who I am.