Autism Coaching & Mental Health Presentations

Living as an autistic woman myself, I provide individual & family support as well as motivational speaking and group coaching.

Motivational Speaking

Ibbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb have been a public speaker for more than six years, from all around South Jersey and the Philadelphia area to all the way in Guangzhou, China (see image on the right). I have a podcast/radio show on 91.5 WDBK about positive psychology, mental health, comedy, and social work.

The topics I cover include:
* Stress management
* What to do when ……
* “What does this mean?” and general autism education/Q&A
* Crisis Intervention Support
* Dialectical Behavioral Skills
* And more…

Individual & Family Coaching Services

I am a Master of Social Work student at Rutgers University with a bachelor’s in both Psychology and Philosophy. While I am not a doctor of any kind, I am informed by research, years of crisis intervention experience, traditional clinical social work, teaching, and general work with people with disabilities (especially ASD) professionally, and my own experience.

While I view autism as a gift, it can also come with challenges that may impede the gifts shining through. I know that it can be difficult living with someone different from you, but I also believe in setting families up to succeed and thrive happily, and plant seeds of hope for a bright future. I believe that anyone, with the right guidance, can lead a happy life.

No two people are alike, but I am able to relate well to the experience of being an autistic child because I was one. We grow strong either because of, or in spite of the trials we face as people with disabilities.

I will share my own experience and translate what behaviors are intended to communicate, and how to intervene effectively and compassionately in situations of emotional crisis, without getting overwhelmed yourself.

I want to empower people to exist in the world as-is, and follow the trail of acceptance, rather than changing themselves.

Formal Training
* Suicide, Risk Assessment, & De-Escalation
* Dementia & Alzheimer’s Sensitivity
* Autism & Related Conditions
* Supervising and coaching people with disabilities
-> Autism Speech on 91.5 WDBK
-> More about Danielle & Credentials
-> Resume

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—> Gmail: asdquestion
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