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Microphone and mixer used for radio broadcasting (Stock photo)

Dr. Comedian’s first radio show, The Best Medicine first premiered on 91.5 WDBK (Camden County College Radio) in September 2018. It is currently on hiatus while other responsibilities come first. (When available, it can be accessed on the South Jersey dial via 91.5 FM, or by clicking here.)

The Best Medicine (TBM) is now a podcast on YouTube. At TBM, we are radically authentic. We will never censor your experience, we only ask you to be as open with us as you are comfortable being. We look for comedians, mental health workers, advocates, and anyone else who has a story to share or a discussion to be had. TBM welcomes and embraces all walks of life and identities.

Behind Dr. Comedian

Danielle performing stand-up in Ventnor, NJ
Stand-up in Ventnor, NJ

Danielle began performing as “Dr. Comedian” attending open mics and performing stand-up comedy in Spring 2014, after a teacher said she looked kind of sad and people in high school told her she “looked kind of chubby,” she ran with the suggestion. Radio is her primary coping mechanism comedy outlet. Through work in The Best Medicine, she aims to both reach and teach others that the world sucks sometimes – but you don’t, and with the right help, you can overcome the stuff life throws at you.

Young Danielle Ryer
Young Danielle


Dr. Comedian, previously known as Danielle Ryer (as she’s yet to change her name to “Dr. Comedian” legally) grew up in South Jersey. She began her time on earth approximately 20-something years ago, but what brought her here she can’t quite remember. It might have involved copious amounts of alcohol, or someone forgetting to take a right turn at Jupiter.

Graduating from Rowan University, 2017


A current University Master of Social Work student at Rutgers University, Danielle has earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Rowan University in Psychology as well as Philosophy & Religion. She began her foundation level internship as an outpatient therapist intern at The Center for Autism, then United Methodist Communities, with a month-long study abroad providing psychoeducation in China. She is currently progressing through an advanced level practicum.

Hopes and Dreams

Danielle Performing Standup Comedy
More Comedy @ Ventnor Coffee

Danielle is a comedian, educator, and counselor at heart. Her dream is simply to keep moving forward, and continuing to educate and entertaining the world through a combination of stage, movie, and broadcast media and providing outpatient services!

Current Projects

Outside of comedy and radio, she is also a coach and motivational speaker, a writer, an editor, and a trained Crisis Intervention Counselor at Crisis Text Line. She loves to educate about suicide prevention, support for neurodiversity and other health problems and disabilities, compassionate psychology, setting limits, and self-empathy, as well as the importance of integrating harm reduction in the treatment of addictions. Danielle also loves yarn, video games, science, philosophy, psychology, medicine/nutrition/health, biology, reading, writing, animals, mixed martial arts, blogging, and you. (Marry me.)

(By the way, if a future partner sees this, I’m probably just kidding.)

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Daneille posing in front of a Quick Stop GROCERIES store in Leonardo, NJ
Quick Stop in Leonardo, NJ.
(Kevin Smith is a huge inspiration!)
Danielle 'inspecting' eggs
Don’t forget to check the eggs!